Сhiropractic acupuncture

Сhiropractic acupuncture

Popularity of acupuncture in China is related not only to philosophic approach to life and differences in religious teachings having been formed for ages. The reason why it has become  traditional can be accounted for by the fact that history of origin of this practice dates back to the times of Shan dynasty  1600-1100) when chiropractic acupuncture was first heard of.

If for the people of China acupuncture and chiropractic is the routine practice, in other countries this indigenous medicine has only started gaining momentum. It can be associated not only with insufficient development of classic medicine but with the versatility of various areas of acupuncture. Each area has its own features and specifics, for example:

  • Electro-acupuncture – electric current is passed between pairs of penetrated needles;
  • Cosmetic acupuncture – affects facial skin by needles for rejuvenation;
  • Moxibustion – heats up points near needle penetrated into skin by applying special cigarette based on herbs or coal;
  • Сhiropractic acupuncture – a set of manual methods for influencing special points both with and without needling.

Chiropractic comprises:

  • Point massage. Effect of such technique is brought about by fingers without additional instruments.
  • GuaSha – skin scraping with custom-sculptured tools.
  • Su-jok – pressing points in the region of foot and hands.
  • Such technique employs pressing not only with fingers but with palms too thereby allowing careful work-through of each area.
  • ‒ Release of insignificant volume of blood from organism using injections.
  • Cupping therapy. ‒ Use of cups which stimulates blood circulation exerting skin suction in certain location.
  • Auriculotherapy – acupuncture of ear.

Сhiropractic acupuncture is often used jointly with auriculotherapy ‒ as not only points of vital energy Chi are affected but joints and tissues are medically manipulated.