If you are interested in such specialty of Chinese medicine as Gua sha (Dublin), the RenShen Medical Center is ready to offer its services. There are qualified specialists who mastered well-honed massage techniques for particular diseases.

Gua sha is one of the traditional Chinese treatments based on repeated skin scraping. Its name by itself is literally translated as ‘scraping’ or ‘rubbing down’. The procedure uses special plates of specific shape made of buffalo horn, nephritis or modern materials. Gua sha is applied to treat numerous chronic and acute illnesses: headaches and dizziness, ARD, gastrointestinal upsets, pains in the muscles and joints, fibromyalgia, osteochondrosis, cholecystitis, bronchitis, flu.

Acupuncture (Dublin) provides also for alleviation of chronic fatigue syndrome, getting rid of muscle tensions and spasms.

Such a massage has many advantages. It improves blood circulation in the targeted body areas, increases lymph efflux contributing to quick elimination of pains. When working with respiratory system it improves its drainage function, reduces coughing and labored breathing, enables quick removal of bronchial edema. It helps to significantly improve work of cardiovascular system, normalize heart rhythm, relieve pressure. Gua sha also causes remarkable skin changes: elimination of toxins entails disappearance of acne eruption and pigmentation, rejuvenation. The skin covers become suppler, develop healthy color.

Massage favorably impacts human nervous system: several treatments will improve sleep, increase appetite, eliminate anxiety, and enhance general emotional state.

Sport injuries acupuncture

If you want to get rid of specific disease as well as mitigate effects of sport injuries acupuncture. Acupuncture in the RenShen medical center will provide the help you need. The number of sessions and therapies are tailored to each patient. Given that Gua sha has a number of contraindications the physicians will refer you to complete diagnostics. The high efficiency of this treatment as well as skilled hands of professionals will allow you to feel obvious improvements after the first procedures.

Focus on your Rehabilitation

Your first appointment will be no different from the usual osteopathic consultation and evaluation (see osteopathy page). You will be asked specific questions related to your particular sport or even to demonstrate some movements. Your diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed in the usual way.

Treatment is likely to involve the use of osteopathic techniques within the treatment room combined with a more specific exercise based program in the studio gym. The aim is to return to full physical activity.

Sport & Exercise Medicine Services

Our specialist sports physio are highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries, with award winning knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology and healing. They carry out a thorough assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal injuries.

For complaints including:
  Overuse injuries and stress fractures
  Muscle tears, tendon and ligament sprains
  Knee, ankle and foot injuries
  Shoulder injuries, tennis/golfer elbow, hand and wrist pain