At the RenShen clinic you may undergo a procedure which has been a success for today called cupping Dublin. This treatment has arrived from China and been extensively used now in Western countries. It is based on the use of specially shaped cups sucked to human skin and creating vacuum underneath. In European countries usually glass cups are used, in China – bamboo. Procedure may cause appearance of round dark circles on the skin which vanish within several days and are not unhealthy. At the next sessions they are resolved and not formed anymore.

The main purpose of vacuum massage is to improve microcirculation and cause warming in specific locations of the body. Cupping in Dublin at the RenShen clinic is performed by professionals with great experience in this area having excellent knowledge how to treat certain diseases with the use of cups.

In most cases they are used for:
- aches of varied localization,
- intestinal disorders,
- pulmonary diseases (asthma, cough).

Cupping Dublin

Cupping may be used also for the prevention of specific illnesses and overall strengthening of organism without application of medications. Such treatment enhances internal resources of organism enabling it to get rid of sicknesses by own forces. Vacuum massage will quickly and efficiently relieve local pains caused by various diseases. It will improve microcirculation of all liquids in the organism, start quick clearing of accumulated waste products and toxins. Its tissues are renewed faster and skin is rejuvenated.  The elasticity and tone of muscles, mobility of ligaments are improved. Such therapy also contributes to the relief of stresses and nervous weariness.

Such method is safe for humans and has no side effects. It works as follows: when cups are applied to where required there is strong pressure drop, soft tissues and skin are sucked inside. In this way they are deeply worked through simultaneously throughout the large area. Vacuum causes the rush of lymph and blood to skin, thus, making strong impact on vessels of organs. Biologically active substances begin to form in the area of exposure stimulating restorative processes.

If you are interested in cupping (Dublin), you may always get this treatment at the RenShen clinic. Before it is assigned the professionals will perform a complete diagnostic examination to identify the severity of disease and absence of contraindications. Then the duration of required treatment will be defined.