Electro Acupuncture - Classic acupuncture armed with electric impulses

For several thousands of years acupuncture has been actively used to reduce pain and normalize function of organism. This period of time has seen evolvement of many styles and practices marked by    way of exercising effect on biological points. In the middle of the past century electroacupuncture appeared being, essentially, an updated version of the classic acupuncture.

In case of electro acupuncture treatment is rendered by stimulating the same points as in classic acupuncture. However, small discrepancies exist.

Needles are connected to terminals which supply electric impulses. Low voltage AC current stimulates points more intensively leading to faster recuperation, healing processes.

Acupuncture treatment session lasts for about 30 minutes. The intensity of charges in each specific case is estimated by physician on an individual basis. Over the course of treatment person will not experience any adverse, unpleasant feelings.  For most people electro acupuncture is completely safe and even advised to patients suffering for prolonged period of time from strong nervous disorders, epilepsy.

Needles’ effect coupled with impact of electric impulses on points and surrounding tissues multiplies therapeutic effect in which, curiously enough, may conceal certain difficulties of application.   Classic acupuncture successfully copes with many diseases and has no contraindications except for sensible choice of points of impact. Electro acupuncture also works with a wide range of indications, cures chronic forms of illnesses which could not have been treated for years, but, in the meanwhile, has some restrictions on use. For example, extreme caution must be used when stimulating biological active points in the region of vertebral spine and head.

In our clinic, patients are accepted by certified doctors having practiced acupuncture treatment for a whole array of diseases relying on huge experience and unique expertise. Annually, we hold a lot of  electro acupuncture sessions and always notice positive changes in recovery process.