Moxotherapy or as they are called, moxibustion is an area of Chinese medicine implying warming of bioactive points with coal or absinthial moxa rolls. The main purpose of natural healing acupuncture is strengthening general health condition.
Most often, moxotherapy is used as part of comprehensive therapy of:
- arthrosis,
- rheumatism,
- myalgia,
- chronic gastric diseases,
- skin disease,
- frequent colds.

In some cases charcoal smokeless moxes are used: they produce less smoke and are more convenient in practice.  To warm up large areas special burners may be used containing several moxes at a time.

They allow reducing time required for the completion of the entire procedure and provide intensive effect.

Moxotherapy is based on principle of continuous gradual warming-up of biologically active points by exercising stimulating effect and activating function of all systems of organs.  By adjusting temperature and duration high therapeutic effect can be achieved.

There are several basic moxotherapy methods:
- Harmonizing: the end of the roll is placed at such a distance so that patient could feel pleasant warmth with continuous movement along the entire targeted area.
- Sedative: warming-up is done fixedly over acupuncture point. At this time, patient would sense slight warmth.
- Invigorant: roll alternately approaches and leaves the skin surface.

Moxibustion Dublin is available at RenShen clinic. Nature, duration and number of procedures will be prescribed by physician-reflexologist following completion of thorough diagnostics.  Generally, the average Moxibustion course consists of 10 and more procedures.