Medicine counts both many varieties and partisans of unconventional treatments. Some people have skeptical attitude to Herbal medicine. But those who had a chance to test on themselves the curative properties of such practice no longer wish to be treated by chemicals. Since a dawn of time our ancestors have gathered and studied different herbs for severe diseases and ordinary cold.  Unconventional treatment practices might include traditional acupuncture as well. Like herbs acupuncture is used to boost immunity and treat various illnesses on light and severe stages. Given that more than five styles of acupuncture are applied, physician prescribes ideal treatment style for patient after individual checkup.

Herbal medicine is also prescribed after examination. The selection of herbs and herbal complexes for person are prescribed by physician after checkup as well. As in acupuncture, herbal medicine varies in treatment styles.
1. Western style. The basis of this approach is the use of Hypericum as the main component. It is prescribed in the cases of depressions, colds, emotional distresses and other illnesses related to nervous system.  In its own right Hyperisum is considered in the West as very strong herbaceous crop and recommended for daily application or mouthwash.

2. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Like in traditional acupuncture, this style is used to improve general condition of organism.  It is Chinese herbal medicine which is often combined with acupuncture in order to achieve higher effect. Application of both methods at a time will allow not only for recovering from a number of various problems but restoring immunity too. Organism becomes stronger and quickly reacts to health risk factors including protective functions and virus blocking.

3. Kampo. Japanese herbal medicine developed based on herb mixing and after the recipe is prepared the herbs must be taken in the form of pills. It is very important to observe ratios when recipe is being made which will contribute to recovery within the shortest term.

4.Homeopathy. Used to restore organism both after severe illnesses and for the preventive purposes. Most often these are very small-size pills. After administering organism receives signal to restore function of all systems. Homeopathy is absolutely harmless and allowed to be used even for children.

5. Ayurveda. Very efficient treatment method which has arrived to us from India like traditional Chinese herbalist has its own unique application methods. Popular style often involving ginger

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