sciatica acupuncture dublin

Sciatica acupuncture in Dublin

For thousands of years the acute pain attacks accompanying roots of sciatica nerve getting pinched have been successfully treated with acupuncture therapy. Where conventional physicians prescribe drug treatment, therapeutic exercise and achieve result during a month, our practitioners get significant improvement of patient’s condition after the procedures without resorting to medications.

Acting upon biological active points during sciatica acupuncture session results in several immediate positive effects.

  • First of all, there is relief of pain symptoms, colicky pains are terminated without any drugs.
  • Therefore, body is not exposed to additional loads from analgesics.
  • Acupuncture relaxes muscle tensions, completely restores normal motor ability.
  • Pinched roots are released. Depending on how disease is neglected after 3 months of sciatica acupuncture course patient fully recovers.

Acupuncture-aided treatment of sciatica and other neurological diseases which are rather symptom complexes than pointed lesions of nerve fibers is one of the most efficient ways to recover body functions within the shortest terms. However, the impact of treatment remains the gentlest possible without pain sensations and leads to complete healing without adverse effects. Sciatica acupuncture Dublin is ideal way of getting rid of pain and regaining delight of free movement.