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Hay fever acupuncture in Dubli

At first glance, hay fever is not very severe disease, however, when organism is constantly exposed to even the smallest virus its immune system weakens and, consequently, cannot defend itself against more severe diseases.  Hay fever occurs in specific time each year. Most often, it comes with nasal tickling and irritation. There is also runny nose with transparent thin liquid causing frequent and continuous sneezing fits.

Acupuncture is very quick and efficient remedy against hay fever. No sprays or nasal drops cannot cure hay fever as they only temporarily block eye watering and inflammation attacks.

Hay fever is allergic disease caused by pollen of different plants. In spring, flowering plants, alder, birch start blooming. At the end of summer and in autumn pollen is spread by wormwood and grasses.

Against the background of immunity there is strong failure of protection functions, vessels start quickly narrowing down and organism, attempting to secure itself produces histamine hormone more than usual.  This substance helps vessels to widen and receive more air. If organism, for some reason, cannot produce enough quantity of histamine, bronchi begin to contract, breathing becomes very difficult and there is danger of occurrence asthmatic attack.

Regarding psychophysical state person, people with mental stresses suffer from allergies much more often than those who look after their psychological condition.

In case of allergy exacerbation it is not recommended to smoke tobacco. If possible, it is advised to take antihistaminic drugs alleviating allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, even these drugs cannot completely free person of such sufferings.

Chinese medicine is one of the oldest and efficient practices for treating diseases of different complexity. According to statistics, it is by acupuncture that 90% of patients got rid of their diseases forever. Acupuncture procedure continues from ten to forty minutes depending on complexity of challenges and number of visits to physician.

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