depression acupuncture dublin

Depression acupuncture dublin

Based on ancient practices the Chinese medicine can heal both bodily and mental diseases.  Depression is one of the purest unstable psychological conditions of man.  It is popularly known as ‘mental cold’. A man in such a downhearted condition may feel internal feebleness and uselessness for society.

Chemicals proposed by doctors may aid in such condition but have a lot of side effects, moreover, as a rule, improving condition only for some time.  For this purpose the best cure is depression acupuncture.

Acupuncturists believe that depressive mood of patient is stagnation of Qi vital energy. Liver is organs where stagnation takes place while heart and spleen suffer secondly.  During acupuncture sessions physician stabilizes flows of energy and man feels a surge of energy almost immediately. Any failures in Qi circulation system lead to problem in human organism. One needs to learn how to shut out from negative and disturbing thoughts. Negative energy affects human organs immediately. It is necessary to be kinder to world, nature and people around us.

Of course, it is important to comply with balanced and healthy lifestyle. Take it easy, have proper rest at night and keep up vitamin nutrition. It is important to have meditations and evening walks in the street. By the way, meditations can be done during these evening walks. For example, 15-min walk in the park and regular breathing contribute to circulation of vital energy.

Depression acupuncture Dublin is always available for you at our RenShen Chinese Medicine Center. Our specialists know the basics and most essential knowledge in the acupuncture area and will help you to get rid of any diseases. There is no need to hunt through the pharmacies and buy full packages of drugs to feel well.

By testing various Chinese methods we have become convinced that application of various chemicals absolutely does not guarantee recovery but can even worsen it.

All our problems are in our body and mind. It is necessary to learn how to manage and control yourself, therefore, we will start to build our future without problems and diseases.