Chinese medicine Dublin

Chinese medicine Dublin

Chinese medicine Dublin at our clinic is represented by various areas of traditional Chinese medicine:

  • Electroacupuncture;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Moxibustion;
  • Massages;
  • Nutrition and others

All Chinese medicine Dublin is related with cultural traditions of China and philosophy of this country. Normal circulation of Qi energy determines healthy state of person.

Significance of acupuncture

Acupuncture has occupied particular place in the Chinese medicine Dublin. Traditional Chinese medicine like  modern treatments identifies disease, treatment procedures, preventive actions.

All of this is accompanied by practices within selected therapy: acupuncture, massage, pharmaceuticals. In many ways Chinese medicine relies not on treatment but rehabilitation of organism to avoid disease. Do you want rejuvenation, wellness and robust health to become your reality? Come to our clinic!

Knowledge about acupuncture

TCM practitioner established direct interrelation between philosophical views and condition of human organism. Efficient treatment and prevention by our specialists are ensured by expertise of:

  • how and which sources became basis for TCM development;
  • which philosophic views, theories provided the basis for Chinese traditional medicine;
  • anatomical organization of human being and its physiological makers;
  • origin and development of disease;
  • ways and methods of treatments;
  • locations of acupuncture points;
  • principles of acupuncture treatment therapy;
  • such type of treatment as moxibustion;
  • influence of nutrition on condition of human being;
  • ways of disease diagnostics;
  • pharmacological treatment of diseases;
  • preventive measures to avoid violation of harmonic body state and etc.

Working with patient

Our specialists having adequate education in the Chinese medicine assess patient’s condition immediately and, at the same time, offer possible and most efficient methods of treatment with acupuncture being in particular demand. This method can be considered both as treatment and preventive therapy which normalizes human condition, equalizes flow of energy and leads to balance.

Traditional Chinese medicine can be used concurrently with Western or any other academically recognized treatment and can be considered as a specific therapy in case of occurrence of many diseases which according to TCM is a result of disturbance of Qi energy circulation along the meridians. At our center with help of traditional Chinese methods you will feel differently.