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Chinese herbs in Dublin

Herbalism or herbal therapy has always been an integral part of Chinese traditional medicine. It is based on the use of healing properties of different herbs which can be applied both for external and internal use. Such a treatment can be given both as separate therapy and alongside acupuncture.  Chinese herb is applied in the form of infusions, decoctions, powders and tablets.

Over two thousand of healing plants have been used in Chinese medicine, many of which have been popular in Europe too. It is hard to find ailment that has no cure allowing eliminating unpleasant symptoms and speed up recovery.  Herbal therapy has been widely used in the diseases of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory systems, skin conditions, and muscle-skeleton disorders. The most popular medicinal herbs possessing extensive effect are: gingseng, ginger, astragalus, ephedra, crocus, liquorice, motherwort, magnolia-vine, absinth and many others. There is also a separate line of herbal therapy – fungotherapy based on treatment by mushrooms. Treatment involves only specific types of mushrooms growing by the specific trees.

Chinese herbs

If you want to undergo Chinese herbs Dublin therapy visit specialized RenShen Medical Center. There are experienced specialists perfectly knowledgeable of Chinese medicine and all subtleties of herbalism. They will run complete diagnostics for you in which they will define the severity of disease and presence of any given indications and allergic reactions.  Based on this evidence you will be provided with customized treatment the most beneficial in your case.

Skillfully select herbal mixtures will promptly reduce painful feelings, affect the focus of disease and contribute to the fastest alleviation. In addition, healing Chinese herbs Dublin make positive impact on general well-being as well, stimulating function of many organs and systems of organism.