chinese acupuncture dublin

Chinese acupuncture

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) combines not only medical perception of man but philosophic and cultural too. Theoretical base of the Chinese includes information about causes of appearance and develoopment of diseases, modes of therapy.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatments

Chinese acupuncture clinic presents mainstream TCM method – acupuncture. The Chinese version of this procedure is considered the most ancient in the world. And today as a medical procedure it is common in the various corners of the world – Chinese acupuncture Dublin proposes to employ it both as independent therapy and as component of combined treatment with other more modern methods. Our clinic suggests taking such opportunity and complete acupuncture procedure.

Therapeutic properties of this treatment are related to needle effect on reflex arcs of the body. This method has been often called reflexotherapy. In China this process is called Chzhen – Jiu, i.e. pricking, cauterization. Consequently, TCM presents entire group of ancient treatments involving acupressure, Su Jok acupuncture and etc.  At Chinese acupuncture clinic special emphasis is placed on acupuncture.

Body energy

When reviewing TCM practices one should be aware of such feature of Eastern medicine as energy component. Organism and processes flowing inside are related to human energy.

In Chinese philosophy it is called Qi. It is considered that nothing on Earth is formed without this energy. It is the very beginning of all without which the vital functions of organism are impossible. It is required for movement, therefore, it does not stop moving itself. Man has inherent (transferred with genes and cannot be changed) and acquired Qi (replenished and modified by man itself).

General Qi flow circulates throughout whole human organism and its excessive or insufficient volume leads to origin or development of disease.

There is yin (passive, tranquil energy, symbolizing woman) and yang (active, serene energy, reflecting man) in the traditional Chinese medicine. When these 2 energies are harmonized body is energetically balanced. Acupuncture aims at equalizing yin (internal changes) and yang (external) ratio.

Energy flow balance  

At our clinic you can adjust energetic balance, attain harmony with your own body, reduce pain and restore normal flow of Qi energy. Comprehensive approach to recovery includes stimulating various acupuncture points (incl. ears – auricolotherapy) using needles, warming up, cups and other modern materials.