chinese acupuncture fertility

Chinese acupuncture therapy

Chinese acupuncture therapy views human organism, in particular, its organs, as some system with meridians carrying energy. Medicine separates 6 solid and 6 genital organs. The first organs serve to keep Qi at the required level while function of the others is producing balanced energy for maintaining normal function of 6 solid organs.

Movement of Qi energy

Meridians constituting integrated system for energy movement have many levels and branches enabling   continuous movement of energy and blood in a body.

If Qi movement in this system unfolds without breaks and delays in this system organism is healthy, according to the weather, person feels himself vigorous, toned. When there is energy stagnation there is imbalance and, as a consequence, illness.

Recovering Qi equilibrium

Chinese acupuncture fertility is a right thing to restore balanced state of Qi. Energy stagnations in certain places are removed by pressing the points, thus, unblocking Qi. When disease is caused by lack of vital energy moxotherapy or moxibustion is used (any of these treatments is available for customers of our acupuncture center).

Needle therapy: treatment

We perform acupuncture treatment in the following way:

  • Locate biological active point (BAP) for insertion of needles;
  • Needles are prepared for acupuncture;
  • They are penetrated subcutaneously.

The points can be located both on the body and auricles. When they are stimulated the Qi flows as originally intended. By acupuncture we are not only equalizing energy flow but also channeling it in the right direction. Depending on purpose of point stimulation there are 2 acupuncture techniques:

  • Supplementing (to increase Qi flow);
  • Draining (to decrease energy flow)

As a result, imbalance is removed, disease disappears. Visit our clinic to feel well! Feel great with us!