Benefit of cupping

Cupping is a very ancient technique used in Asia and Middle Eastern countries. The therapy consists in application of glass or bamboo cups on the skin which create suction. Cupping is used for muscular pain and inflammation. It also can be used as a type of massage when applied with oil. Cups can be made of different material, such as glass, bamboo, silicone etc.

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Myth: Acupuncture is painful

Acupuncture has originated in China more than 2000 years ago. It is believed that acupuncture first appeared in the Stone Age, when sharp edged tools first appeared. From Chinese character ‘Bian’  – ‘Bi’-means disease or a pain, when the character ‘Bian’ means ‘ the use of sharp edged stone to treat disease’. So that acupuncture tends to treat problems causing pain.

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