can acupuncture help back pain

Сan acupuncture help back pain

Back pain is a problem of modern society. It can be caused by a disease, by fatigue, or by sedentary lifestyle. In order to get rid of unpleasant feelings, it is not necessary to take medicamentous treatment; you can use acupuncture method and insert needles into the points of the body.

And then many people wonder whether can acupuncture help back pain?

How can acupuncture help back pain?

All this therapy comes down to the insertion of very thin metal needles under the skin, into rigorously determined points, and not in a chaotic order. Treatment shall be conducted as therapy regimen.

The problem is that several interconnected meridians run through our body, and points of special biological activity are located mostly on them.

Each meridian has its special function, while each point is connected with a certain organ. A special Atlas of Body Points has been developed. Therefore, having known the patient problem, the doctor will determine into which points the needles shall be inserted.

Of course, acupuncture helps back pain, but it is inadequate to forget forever about it. Back pain will reappear if the lifestyle is not changed. So, it is very important to follow certain advices after the completion of acupuncture therapy regimen.

Services of our Clinic

In our clinic, acupuncture of the back is carried out by experts experienced in Chinese therapy and working in this field for some years. We ensure a safety and painless procedure and a release of back pain. Before the start of the acupuncture regimen, the doctor will perform diagnosis and clarify the occurrence of contraindications.

Are you still worried about whether can acupuncture help back pain? Call us, put your questions, and arrange an appointment with a doctor.