Benefit of cupping

Cupping is a very ancient technique used in Asia and Middle Eastern countries. The therapy consists in application of glass or bamboo cups on the skin which create suction. Cupping is used for muscular pain and inflammation. It also can be used as a type of massage when applied with oil. Cups can be made of different material, such as glass, bamboo, silicone etc.

Cupping leaves blue marks on the skin, often called hematomas or bruises; the only difference is that they are not painful.

As the result of the strong irritation it activates body immune system, giving anti-inflammatory effect. This is one of the reasons why cupping is widely used for treating pulmonary diseases. Also, this therapy stimulates the blood circulation and helps to release muscle pain. Recently, cupping became popular thanks to Olympic Games. In fact, some athletes used cupping, scientifically called myofascial decompression, to enhance their skills.

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