back pain acupuncture dublin

Back pain acupuncture

Since ancient times acupuncture has been used to eliminate pains in the back caused by presence of any diseases or general fatigue. It is based on influencing biologically active points of organism using special fine needles. Such a method is highly efficient and not only allows eliminating pain but proactively deals with cause of it. It can be used for prophylactic purposes as well.

RenShen Medical Center in Dublin offers you back pain acupuncture which will make you feel much better.

The treatment is efficient for such diseases as:
– ostechondrosis,
– spinal disk herniation,
– radiculitis,
– lumbago and many others.

Acupuncture for back pains has a lot of advantages over other methods. It does not have any side effects and is not harmful to health as has often been a case with medication. The alleviation begins to be felt following first minutes the needles have been inserted. There are practically no unpleasant feelings during penetration into skin which is critical for many patients. In addition, practicing acupuncture on early stages of development of back illnesses will stop their progress. Acupuncture is also considered as one of the best ways to prevent spinal disc herniations. This type of treatment can be combined with other treatment methods such as point massage and herbal therapy.

Back pain acupuncture Dublin in the RenShen clinic is performed by practitioners having thorough knowledge of Chinese medicine. They will carry out diagnostics resulting in provision of the most efficient acupuncture techniques for each patient.   The treatment duration is determined depending on the severity of disease. The obvious changes in condition and pain relief can be felt after the first sessions.