asthma acupuncture dublin

Acupuncture for asthma

Asthma is an autoimmune disease which so far, unfortunately, has had no secure treatment to be healed completely. Conventional clinical medicine offers a wide spectrum of measures to alleviate the disease, reduce number and intensity of attacks. No drug can absolutely heal a body from spasms with choking fits. This trend is especially apparent now when there is growing number of allergic reactions causing attacks and instead of cure patients are oftentimes offered never-ending protection against factors leading to progress of disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine even before Christ was predicated in asthma treatment on assuming that disease, in the first place, is caused by unhealthy lifestyle and too much strained nervous system. In the XX century physicians repeated this old Chinese wisdom in a new way – ‘The cause of all illnesses lies with the nerves.” Perhaps for this reason acupuncture ideally coping with various nervous disorders and stabilizing work of nervous system of human being, currently becomes increasingly attractive in asthma treatment.

Benefits of asthma treatment by acupuncture are evident. Asthma acupuncture course has no adverse effects and can be applied for general patients excluding very little children and those patients who are over 70. Acupuncture treatment can be combined with drug therapy which cumulatively gives maximum therapeutic effect. In this case even small number of conducted acupuncture procedures leads to increased general tone of body, developed resistance to diseases, reduced nervous tension, significant reduction in acuity and frequency of attacks.

Competent physicians at our clinic will select bespoke asthma acupuncture Dublin program not only to recover respiratory system but to release from unpleasant symptoms and improve work of nervous system, to enable to breathe deep in literal and figurative sense.