arthritis acupuncture dublin

Acupuncture treatment of arthritis

It is impossible to cure completely arthritis and its derivatives relying only on acupuncture treatments. However, by impacting active points using acupressure or acupuncture tools it is possible significantly extend movement capabilities of affected joint and relieve pain. Arthritis acupuncture is a course of acupuncture sessions enabling to control pain even on chronic stage of disease and in conjunction with other treatments to gradually achieve improvement of patient’s condition.

Contrary to conventional analgesics which are prescribed, in general, to remove pain syndrome, acupuncture stimulates internal forces of organism, waking up its reserves to life. Impacting biological points will relieve pain instead of masking it by suppressing action of nerve fibers. Doing so exercises considerable therapeutic effect by which affected joint becomes mobile and its conditions is improved.

Practically any type of arthritis can be treated by arthritis acupuncture Dublin course. Depending on autoimmune illness physician prescribes stimulating different points. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout or osteoarthritis from the viewpoint of Chinese medicine represent combination of the same influencing factors (moisture, heat and etc.), and, as a matter of fact, can be cured by approximately the same method. Depending on area and type of disease by impacting particular active points physician reduces tumor, swelling (moisture), removes reddening (feverishness).

As a consequence, such therapy in treatment of autoimmune diseases is an order of magnitude more efficient than traditional Western therapy.

  • There are no side effects. There is no need to take chemicals worsening activity of internal organs, may cause side effects and complications.
  • Little time. One session lasts from 30 min to hour which is affordable by practically everyone.
  • General recovery of organism. Owing to regaining energetic balance and normal flow of Qi in the channels organism gets rid of accumulated tension, ailments. General condition and looks are improved.