acupuncture alternative medicine

Alternative medicine

For the past decades, alternative medicine, in particular, its Chinese branches have grown sweepingly popular. And though with help of massage techniques it is difficult to cure really severe diseases which have become chronic and some such as cancer or spinal; disc herniation are plainly impossible  acupuncture in its variations is becoming more and more popular. There two obvious advantages. Firstly, acupuncture makes it possible to dispose of minor ailments, autoimmune diseases on their early stages, without recourse to drugs. Secondly, stimulation of biologically active points improves the condition of body as a whole.

Key benefits of acupuncture:

1. Absence of side effects of drug.

Modern medicines are far from being that harmless as they are wanted to be presented by manufacturers. Most of them cause allergic reactions, digestive disorders, dizziness, affect other organs which do not require treatment. As a result, body which has been under stress due to illness is forced to remove additionally injected chemical compounds. Acupuncture allows achieving therapeutic effect without resorting to drugs. As a consequence, on the one hand, there is gentlest possible impact on organism, and on the other hand, it is efficient enough.

2. Absence of allergic reactions.

Acupuncture alternative medicine

Needle reflex therapy as acupuncture alternative medicine does not cause allergic reactions because of absence of allergic irritants and, in addition, has been successfully used for treating already existing types of allergy.

3. Painlessness of the procedure.

Alternative medicine acupressure

Relieving pain syndrome is one of the first tasks facing ancient acupuncturists. For this reason, the procedure itself is completely painless and can efficiently treat pain without falling back on drugs. Alternative medicine acupressure allows complete relieving symptoms of neuralgic, joint, muscle pains and begins neogenesis process.

4. General improvement of well-being.

Acupuncture has been actively used for treating angst, insomnia, stresses and chronic fatigue, i.e. the diseases suggested to be treated pharmacologically. Influencing active points stimulates production of endorphins, grows feeling of general satisfaction with life alongside suppression of cortisol production. The overall condition of the body is stabilized. Hormonal processes are normalized.