acupuncture centers

Acupuncture school

Acupuncture is excellent way to improve health, get rid of many diseases, restore normal circulation of energetic flows in the meridians and just relax to the full.

Employing acupuncture for preventive and treatment purposes is responsible action. Each needle is placed under the skin into specific acupuncture point, thus, stimulating Qi energy moving throughout the whole organism.

Stimulating each specific point leads to variety of results (depending on organ responsible for specific location).

Acupuncture school

At Acupuncture school you may learn the basics of traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture. These training programs apply both to those who already obtained medical education and knowledge about such method of treatment and those who faces such methods for the first time.

In these programs theory is not as important as practice though without theoretical knowledge it would be rather difficult to insert needle into skin in the right place. Balanced combination of theoretical and practical classes will allow gaining insight into acupuncture, needle therapy and further employment of this method both for personal treatment and healing of relatives and friends.

Acupuncture centers

Our acupuncture centers is located in Dublin. Here you will be able to test on yourself different methods of body recuperation within traditional Chinese medicine:

  • Acupuncture (affecting specific locations by hypodermic needles all over the body to achieve therapeutic effect);
  • Auricolotherapy (the same acupuncture, however, acupuncture needles are inserted into auricles where a lot of nerve terminations are located);
  • Cupping (container with vacuum created in the cup is sucked to the skin which after it is separated leaves red marks – such treatment stimulates blood circulation whose failure is a cause of development of a lot of different diseases);
  • Gua Sha (body massage with various materials: nephrite plates, buffalo horns and etc.);
  • Moxotherapy (heating or Moxibustion of active points located on the body);
  • Electric acupuncture (electric current is passed through needles inserted into the skin with charges stimulating blood movement through energetic pathways).