Acupuncture practitioner

Acupuncture practitioner

In view of rapid growth of acupuncture throughout the world, there is a need in specialists. But how to distinguish professional possessing all knowledge from self-taught person?

Recognized practitioners in the realm of ‒ acupuncture practitioner are taught effective techniques in China – in the country of birth of acupuncture. Experts prove their level in acupuncture by certificates. Today, because of more frequent cases of unscrupulous conduct of procedure, this kind of activity requires mandatory certification of skills in all developed countries.

In order to undergo needling course you’d better turn to real acupuncture practitioner at specialized clinics. Except for certified expertise, medical centers should also have permits to pursue clinical care allowing patients to be sure in the right choice of clinic.

Those who practice acupuncture must constantly excel their knowledge by attending topical workshops and courses, raising qualification. Practice also stays an integral part of positive experience while documents evidencing studies in eastern countries and from recognized experts may speak about profound knowledge in impacting reflex points.

First visit to specialist should include obligatory checkup and diagnostics, discussing patient’s complaints. Only after all negative factors contributing to feeling ill are identified and all signs of one or another illness are taken into account, a decision may be taken about relevance of  completion of acupuncture course. Probably, needling will not be performed at the first session because, first, the points of reflector impact must be determined.

Individual approach to each patient will allow dispensing with unnecessary procedures, provide for careful planning of treatment and number of visits. Due to individual features of organism the whole process is of creative nature and positive result in many things depends on excellence and knowledge of practitioners.