acupuncture practitioner

Acupuncture practice and practitioner

A Man without harmony with himself and surrounding world does not live but exists with so little time allotted to us on this planet and passing so inexorably, transiently. We must live our life to out heart’s content and in less sufferings. Many will notice how human body is changed after needle therapy as this is particularly obvious in people with obesity, endocrinal diseases, dysbolism. Upon completion of course the weight and puffiness of people are removed, there is inflow of energy, vivacity and lightness. Acupuncture practice is enormous, essentially expressed in reduced neurological, depressive condition, mental disorders.

Ancient health-improving reflexotherapy-acupuncture method has been top requested especially among the wealthiest people in the world. Very fine needles tailored to acupuncture procedures are inserted into specific points on human body prompting the release of opiates in the blood (chemical compounds), making pain-relieving, therapeutic and healing effect.

Acupuncture is a motion of wide spectrum of practice:

  • treatment with metal plates considering individual intolerance of patient;
  • massage of specific body parts – local
  • cauterization;
  • anointment;
  • Su Jok therapy…

The famous quote known throughout the world and at Chinese medical universities where students study reflexotherapy– acupuncture practice, sounds as: “Needles open diameter (of hole) where diseases fly into and are burnt in flames forever”.

Methods, application, designated and clear, let’s look at the purposes of application:

  • in surgery;
  • for treatment of chronic diseases;
  • many pathologies;
  • as soothing agent against all kinds of diseases;
  • as treatment and prevention of various diseases;
  • as prevention of viral infections and ARD;
  • as tonic.

It is worth noting that in Japan, China and Korea, countries which most zealously use acupuncture, there is the least percentage of people with obesity and dysbolism and much higher life expectancy! Yin Yang study is especially important moment in getting trained as acupuncturist– points on body bringing required therapeutic effect shall form the basis   – meridians, energy channels – network. Two types of such meridians: unpaired, paired  – Yin&Yang. Whole human body is a network where points connect the sections like in the drawing:

  • internal organs;
  • skin surface;
  • central nervous system.

Nerve knots determine location of acupuncture points, two main trunks. These are ventral nerves and nerve cords, their location on hands and legs up and down.

Note that acupuncture practitioner studies for about five years with many practical classes.

It is impossible to describe practice in three words as it is enormous as the theory itself.