acupuncture medical doctor

Acupuncture medical doctor

The Chinese method for abolition of many human disease has long been practiced and acknowledged throughout the world. Acupuncture is the broad spectrum of effect on the body by tailored needle therapy (special needles) applied to specific points known only by medical officer which within the shortest term can get rid of serious disease!

The few and far between people are capable of learning such complex treatment methodology because true  acupuncture medical doctor besides having  great self-possession shall have  spiritual strength as well taking into account that acupuncture comprehends strong knowledge of disease origin. Many consider this to be real healing but the main point is to consult a true, experienced doctor.

The specifically clear-cut examples shall include many methods of successful cure:

  • Acupuncture meridian of five elements evaluation therapy;
  • Asian body therapy,
  • Sphygmic;
  • Corporal creative activities, imaging;
  • Therapeutic touch;
  • Point massage therapy;
  • Energetic psychology (which includes tapping, point massage)…

Strong acupuncturist with big experience under his belt may give energy boost to the whole human body and restore even mental alertness – open the Gates of consciousness. Since Chi is vital energy where points in meridians are located, pain relief method, release of stress as well as strong influence and treatment.

Acupuncture enjoys particular popularity in China – the country of discovery of this treatment. However, for the past half-century acupuncture became much sought after in Europe and even its positive impact was recognized. In Russia and France acupuncture gained traction back I the 60-ties with doctor called physiotherapist but like in China the original term was therapy (cauterization – zhēnjiǔ – acupuncture). Today the reflexotherapy has been used throughout the whole world and profession has become firmly fixed under profile (it was  France which introduced the term (acupuncture) where particular attention was given to this treatment method) – acupuncture medical doctor.