Acupuncture healing

Acupuncture healing

Acupuncture influences 14 main meridians of which 12 meridians are paired. In this respect each paired meridian influences one or another internal organ: ‒ heart, stomach, kidney, liver and so on. When needle is penetrated at certain depth it impacts the organ function ‒  acupuncture healing allows correcting work of whole organism.

The capabilities of acupuncture are quite extensive and allow for:

  • Stimulating independent production of such hormones as endorphin and dopamine enabling to achieve pain relief;
  • Regulating work of hypophysis to normalize hormonal cycle and general level of hormones in the organism;
  • Impacting nervous system, improving psychological and emotional condition
  • Raising immunity and improve general well-being of the patient;
  • Improving sharpness of sight, correct squint;
  • Efficiently contributing to treatment of various diseases;
  • In some cases, quitting alcoholic or drug addiction;
  • Reducing weight.

During acupuncture session all points of impact must be open i.e. needle penetration through clothes is inacceptable. Only disposable sterile special needles unpackaged before patients are used for procedure. Skin locations subjected to needling are necessarily aseptisized.

When needle is inserted, the pain is rarely felt except for fleeting feeling of warmth, numbing of muscles, itching which are encountered most often. Needles are inserted at different angles and different depths are determined individually by specialist. Needles are left in the skin for 10-20 minutes, in rare cases, manipulation continues up to 30-40 minutes. During the first session you will realize that everything is not that fearful and when your well-being is improved you will live full life without pain and worries.

Acupuncture healing ‒ effective method of reflexotherapy recommended by World Health Organization for treating more than 60 illnesses and the phenomenons of pain.