acupuncture dr

Acupuncture doctor

As everyone knows traditional Chinese medicine is quite efficient and has become universally used.

The human body is unique map with about thousand of biological points on the body responsible for function of organs. Points do not correspond with outlay of organs, for example, point of stomach performance is located on the inside of arm. Arms can be considered as paramount as they contain the largest number of biologically active points. Sometimes even in case of severe toothache or headache doctors recommend massaging finger pads or phalanx with each finger area  responsible for nerve plexuses.

At the time of disease person feels infirmity because Qi (vital energy) unevenly circulates in the body. Acupuncture doctor is a specialist practicing restoration of this energy circulation. Such specialist has knowledge about position of points on human body and correct order of needles during procedure improves general condition of patient.

During the first visit specialist listens to patient and based on complaints forms individual visiting schedule of acupuncture procedures. There is general examination of eyes, tongue and palpation/measuring of pulse. Based on signs the stage and the disease itself are identified. This can be both physical and psychological condition which depresses immunity and weakens organism.

Acupuncture doctor may propose several styles of treatment at your choice if health issues can be resolved in several ways. In case of complex disorders physician decides by himself how to treat you. Usual acupuncture session involves from six to twelve needles. Special thin cosmetic needles are used for the face. The needle size is from inch to three.

Acupuncture is always efficient for diagnostic, just to build up protective properties of organism and to treat chronic diseases.

Good and highly qualified acupuncturist will help you to get rid of such diseases as asthma, gastritis, severe intestinal diseases.  Respiratory problems, prevention of tuberculosis and pneumonia. With use of needles it is also possible to get rid of pain in the joints, neck, hands, back and knees.

In the periods of virus peaks it is recommended to visit acupuncturist to maintain immunity.

Visit our website to realize the right choice of organism maintenance and its treatment. Owing to its efficiency traditional Chinese medicine is getting more and more popular every day.