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Acupressure treatment and tuina massage in Dublin

Acupressure treatment is one of the most ancient forms of acupuncture. Alternatively to acupuncture where thin needle is inserted into active point for stimulation, acupressure’s effect is made by pressing with finger – pads or hand. Such kind of massaging active points can be performed both in the course and before treatment for preventive purposes. Scientists have proved that impact on acupuncture points results in increased organism resistance to diseases, relieves stress, fatigue, musters for mental activity and etc.

Acupressure treatment can handle a wide range of ailments:
– neurology of various etymology;
– headaches including migraines;
– pains in osteochondrosis, bursitis, arthritis and etc.

Chinese massage relieves irritability, chronic fatigue syndrome, eliminates feeling of permanent stress, and gives a new lease of life to person.

Tuina Dublin

Another variety of acupressure is tuina Dublin massage. The earliest record of it was  found in the scrolls dating back to the 8th century B.C. Even at the time the Chinese physicians proactively applied techniques of pressing and massaging skin covers to stimulate biological points alternating and combining them with other treatment methods. Owing to high degree of conservatism of Chinese medieval society these techniques have survived and substantially developed for the past two and half thousand years. Eventually, tuina massage represents today well-knit system of skills and techniques contributing to recovery and rejuvenation of organism.

Tuina massage is a child of quite ancient Chinese traditions tracing its roots in high antiquity. To date, few may boast of having perfectly mastered the technique. Nonetheless, we firmly believe that practitioners of out clinic are real professionals in this field who may with absolute certainty claim that they are in no way inferior to their Chinese colleagues.  All acupressure and tuina specialists have degrees and certificates evidencing their skill.