We are acupuncture clinic


Among many clinics it is difficult to make up your mind in whatever area of medicine. The same applies to acupuncture clinics. It is very important that specialists have specific expertise in this field of work with patients. Wrong treatment may only exacerbate the degree of disease.

Our acupuncture clinic is international professional member of union of acupuncture clinics. We practice many methods of treatment and diagnostics of traditional Chinese medicine. For a long period of healing we managed to achieve certain successes and to build trust among our patients.

There are several styles in acupuncture and it is important to understand when and why to use particular treatment style. Only specialist may prescribe the correct treatment. The effect is hinged on consistent application of this procedure during specific period of time.

What acupuncture clinic must look like?

Medical center offering such treatment must be specially equipped and have certificates and permits to conduct acupuncture procedures.

Acupuncturist must always increase his knowledge and skills and visit required seminars and professional advancement courses.  In order to achieve utmost effect such courses are recommended during entire medical practice.

During pre-assessment specialist appoints diagnostics or treatment by required method and frequency of visits. The average time of procedure is from ten to forty minutes. As specialists believe, this time is enough to adjust organism and open channels for active movement of Qi energy.

Choosing acupuncture clinic Dublin is very simple. We advise to visit our website and check out traditional Chinese medicine treatment services and methods.

We practice herbal medicine, Gua Sha, moxotherapy, electroacupuncture and auricolotherapy. All methods have strong positive effect on organism, reinforce immune system and protective functions of organism in general.  One visit is enough to feel improvement. After full course is completed acupuncturist will make you a schedule of regular and healthy lifestyle, including meditations, walks and sleep.

By consulting our specialists you will feel a burst of energy as well as improve digestion system and other important systems of your organism function.