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Member of AFPA (Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association) the oldest organisation responsible for the regulation of a Register of Acupuncturists in Ireland since 1987 and ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association).

• 2016 – Chinese medical Massage A.F.I. Acupuncture foundation of Ireland, Dublin under Dr Fanyi Meng of Lincoln University, England.

• 2016 – Lic.Ac. – Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

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• 2015 - C.Ac. Certificate in Acupuncture, A.F.I. & Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China under Dr Li Jing of the Nanjing University Hospital of TCM

• 2015 - Dip. Ac. – Diploma in Acupuncture, A.F.I. Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland, Dublin under Chinese doctors, Professor Jin Hui De, Dr Jidong Wu and Dr Fanyi.Meng

• 2015 – Dip.Ac.- Diploma in the practice of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

• 2014 – Cert. Patent Herbs – Certificate in Chinese Patent herbs for TCM practice, A.F.I. Dublin

Acupuncture is a well-known technique for treating various diseases. It can be applied to prevention of organism as well to keep human organs in tone for stable function.

Why acupuncture Dublin Ireland?

Such method of treatment is completely safe, efficient and widely applied both as main and auxiliary treatment.

Acupuncture Dublin is practiced by our RenShen clinic for about a year. For this short period our team managed to attain high levels of achievement in this region. Based on doctrines and practices of Chinese specialists it is possible to conclude that Chinese medicine is one of the most efficient in the world. The benefits of Chinese medicine are that it has existed and been practiced for more than two thousand years. Among several different acupuncture styles practiced in the East, the traditional style is used the most often. Considerable popularity is enjoyed by Japanese and Korean styles. Depending on disease the styles of Five Elements or auricular acupuncture can be used.

Which diseases are treated by Acupuncture Dublin?

When having ordinary cold visiting doctor will not be unnecessary. For women such treatment option may become only to get rid of climacteric or sickly premenstrual syndrome. Unfortunately, drugs can save woman from pain and ailment only for some time. In case of respiratory problems one should seek acupuncture specialist too. When visiting Acupuncture Dublin you will get prescription for acupuncture style and number of visits which are right for your condition.

However, it is critical to find good acupuncturist who will conduct procedure without damage to patient’s health. There are a lot of clinics providing such service in the Internet, however, one should be aware that mastering the most ancient Chinese method is not that simple and knowledge in this area is required.

Our RenShen specialists have knowledge and skills to perform acupuncture Dublin at high level having had specialized training in the Chinese medicine. Our clinic is based on treating diseases confined only to such approaches without recourse to chemicals and drugs.
What does the first session of Acupuncture Dublin look like?

During the first visit, doctor will perform individual checkup, make a judgment about number of visits to be made. First session will continue for less time than usual because organism must have time to respond correctly to the new perceptions. Some specialists do not practice acupuncture during first session at all. Acupuncturist Dublin will identify which exact organ requires treatment for strengthening general condition of patient. Then, the treatment schedule for specific period is made.
Which needles are used?

Definitely, procedure is performed by sterile and very fine needles with standard one-inch needles used most often. Medical doctor acupuncturist may use other needle sizes as well, for example, needle for posterior must be inserted for one or three mm as there are many soft tissues in this area. Needle sizes vary from half-inch to three with various width.

Medical acupuncture daily grows in popularity among all the population on the Earth. If before this treatment was available in the East only, now acupuncturists are anywhere on the Earth.

The main thing is to consult on time highly qualified medical acupuncturist. And after the first session you will feel that organism begins to renew and get well.

Feelings experienced by patient are absolutely painless. Some of acupuncture ireland styles are marked by sensitivity. By applying one style there is no guarantee that another style chosen by you will be painless as well. In some styles needle must be turned until person feels heaviness and then relief which is called Qi outcome.

Our RenShen medical center offers you acupuncture Ireland Dublin. By specializing in Chinese medicine we guarantee high quality of service and treatment. Our clinic is a member of Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association.

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Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique
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